After an entire month of fasting comes Eid. It marks a time in which Muslims all over the world celebrate for completing an entire month of fasting.

On this day, Muslims wear the best of their clothes, then go to the mosque to pray. In as much as it is celebrated all over the world, it is celebrated differently.


Below is an overview of how Eid is celebrated in Africa.

The morning of Eid

Muslims wear the best of clothes or preferably new clothes and head out to the mosque. Women do go to the mosque as well but quite a few stay home to prepare the meal. Upon entering the mosque, the Imam starts the Takbeer. Everyone follows the Imam until it’s time to pray. The whole prayer procedures are followed until the end.

At the end of the prayer everyone stays to listen to the preaching of the Imam. Then everyone returns back home. Phone calls are made to wish other family members a happy Eid or to pass out greetings. Charity is also given out to the less privileged.


A family meal is cooked and everyone enjoys the day. Some households set up a 6 hour BBQ and invites friends (non-Muslims as well).  Half of the day is spent having fun with the family and enjoying the festivities.


Family members dress up and with the entire family. They visit other family members to wish them well on the special occasion and pray for many returns.

Kids enjoy most on this day because as the go visiting friends and relatives, they are given money (a form of Zakat).


Almost everyone returns back home to take a rest. Young people especially teenagers with friends organize parties or hang out together to enjoy the rest of the day.

Below are some Eid wishes of some countries within Africa.

Eid Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak, Selamat Idul Fitir, Hari Raya, Barka da Sallah to name a few.


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