Praise the most Merciful whose blessing overwhelms, whose mercy is faster than His anger, the One whose word is perfect, whose will is supersedes all, whose argument (issue) is wise, whose case is just.

I praise Him like one recognizing His Godhead, submissive while adoring Him, recognizing His Unity, seeking refuge with Him against His warning, hopeful for the mercy (forgiveness) of his Lord that saves him [from the Fire] on a Day when everyone will be distracted even from his offspring and tribe.

We seek His help, guidance and directions. We believe in Him and depend on Him. I have testified to Him as a sincere and convinced servant/slave. I recognize His Uniqueness and I have recognized His Unity like a submissive servant/slave. He has no partner in His domain; He relies on none in doing whatever He does.

He is exalted above having an adviser He is above using a model or an assistant or a helper or a peer. He knows, so He covers; He is acquainted with the innermost, so He is most familiar with our intentions. He cast a look, He owns everything, so He subdues. He is disobeyed, yet He forgives; He is adored, so He thanks. He rules, so He dispenses justice, and He is generous and grants favors.

He shall never come to an end, and He has always been as He is; there is nothing like Him. He is first and foremost, is a unique Lord in His exaltation, able through His might, holy through His sublimity, proud of His Majesty; no (mental) vision can realize Him, nor can anyone ever see Him.

He is strong, invincible, seeing, hearing, clement, wise, affectionate and kind. One who attempts to describe Him can never do so; one who attempts to describe His attributes can never do so either.

His blessing reaches those who get to know Him: He is near but He is far above mental or physical vision. He is far, yet He is near closer to us than anything else He responds to the call of those who call on Him; He sustains His servant and surrounds him with His love; His niceties are hidden [from our comprehension]; His power is mighty; His mercy is wide; His penalty is painful; His mercy is a broad and a Garden of grandeur (Paradise). His punishment is Hell filled with horrors and chains. He is Allah the most merciful but the most powerful.

I testify that He sent Muhammad (Salalahu Alaihi wa Salam) as His servant and messenger, prophet, chosen one, loved one, friend, and a link with the Almighty that grants him fortune, bringing him closer to Him, elevating him, granting him nearness and closeness to the Almighty.

He sent him during a good period of time, when there was disbelief, as mercy for His servants and a boon for more. Through him He sealed His prophetic messages, strengthened His argument. So he admonished, advised, conveyed the message and worked hard for people. He was, affectionate towards every believer, merciful, easy to please, the friend of anyone who is generous and pure: mercy, salutation, blessing and honor be with him from a forgiving, affectionate, kind, near, responsive creator the Almighty.


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