The story of the Prophet Muhammad’s pbuh escape from Mecca’ to Medina is story of faith and inspiration recanted to Muslims the world over. It highlights the Prophet’s unwavering dedication to his mission in the midst of growing hostility towards the early converts to Islam in Mecca.

The migration of the Prophet and his followers took place in the thirteenth year of the mission. It all started after the people of Medina offered the Prophet to migrate to seek refuge in their land and guaranteed him protection amid growing hostility against his message in Medina. Abbas an uncle to the Prophet told them that “Muhammad is a Meccan and he has good position among the Meccans, if they think that they will be good to him then he can go otherwise they can leave him in Mecca”. The prophet also said “ I will like you (Medina) to assure me that you will leave all prohibited things and command your wives and children to do the same”, they all accepted and the Prophet (SAW) agreed to migrate to Medina.

The Prophet (SAW) also ordered the other Muslim converts to migrate to Medina. In order to avoid a physical confrontation, almost all the Sahabas migrated secretly. The Prophet and others remained in Mecca until the prophet (saw) got permission from Allah to migrate.

The people of Mecca soon realized that most of the followers of the Prophet (SAW) had fled to Medina. They called an emergency meeting to prevent the Prophet and the rest from joining him. But as the saying goes ‘the man blessed by God cannot be cursed by no man’, they could not stop the prophet from migrating because it was Allah’s will. The meeting was held and the gatherers decided to kill the Prophet.

They chose the most powerful man from each tribe to form a taskforce that was given the mission to kill the Prophet on his way to fajr prayer. Their reasoning was that the Bani Hashim, that is the kinsmen of the Prophet (SAW) won’t be able to exact revenge against all the tribes involved and can therefore only ask for compensation which they were willing to pay.

This fateful night, the prophet (SAW) went to his friend’s house Abu Bakr, informing him that Allah has given them the permission to migrate to Medina. Abu Bakr prepared two camels for the journey and also hired Abdullah Ibn Oraiqit to be their guard. The two friends stayed in a cave for three days. Abu Bakr asked his son to give them information about the Meccans, his daughter to supply them with food and water and his shepherd to supply them with milk.

Abu Bakr was very worried when they were in the cave and the prophet (SAW) told him that Allah was with them. The Qur’an narrates the story, Allah said: “if ye help not the Prophet, it is not matter for Allah did help him when the unbelievers drove him out, being the second of the two. They two were in the cave and told his companion: Have no fear, for Allah is with us. Then Allah sent down his peace upon him and strengthened him with forces which ye saw not and humble to the depths the word of the unbelievers. But the word of Allah is exalted to the heights, for Allah is exalted in might, wise.” Q9:40. Finally the two friends reached Medina were they were received in celebration.


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