About 1400 years ago, in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, there lived a man named Muhammed (peace be upon him) and his beautiful bride named Aisha (peace be upon her). They were happily married, and this are some of the reasons why.
When Aisha was very little, her father Abu Bakr (peace be upon him), who was the best friend to Muhammed (pbuh) offered her hand in marriage to him. Muhammed (pbuh) refused to accept the offer. Aisha (pbuh) was then betrothed to someone else, but the marriage didn’t hold. Later again, Abu Bakr (pbuh) offered his daughter to Muhammed (pbuh). Finally he accepted. Although Aisha was young at the time (less than 18years old), she was ready for marriage because at that time, it was the norm. There was absolutely nothing wrong with females getting married at an early age. Muhammed (pbuh) was very kind to his bride. He did not burden her with any form of difficulty. He nurtured, and supported her. Aisha loved Muhammed (pbuh) too. She recalled their numerous romantic moments. Muhammed (pbuh) always used good words with his bride. He was never harsh, and he often complimented her.
When she drank, Muhammed (pbuh) would drink from the same spot she drank. When they ate, he would eat from the same spot and even feed her at times. He also kissed her often, and placed his head on her laps even when she was on her period. In return, Aisha (pbuh) stood by him through all the difficult times. She never complained, even when there was no food to eat. She supported him, learned from him, and was loyal to him. They were truly the ‘ride or die’ couple. One of their favourite games was running. They would race each other, for miles. Aisha (pbuh) loved to comb the hair of Muhammed (pbuh). These little gestures, connected them not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Muhammed (pbuh) was a prophet, and Aisha (pbuh) was the wife. This means that they endured a lot together, and the fact that they still stayed strong tells a lot.
Today, marriages are weak. People spend a lot of money on their wedding day, only to fall apart in a few years. People unfortunately show more love and care to one another when they are in a sinful relationship called dating, than in their marriages. It is also sad to hear non-Muslims calling Muslim men barbaric, because they beat up their wives or are harsh. Muslims should revisit the Sunnah and learn the true meaning of love.
No one was kinder than Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and no one was gentler. Rather than emulating love stories that end in tragedy (Romeo and Juliet), we should emulate a love story that does not end, but continues in Paradise. May Allah grant us spouses that will be the coolness of our eyes. Ameen.


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