During the mid morning islamic show on SUNDAYS “ADANKO DE KA” by Our Astute Shaikh, USTAZ ABDUL MUMIN JAFFAR, he stated the 3 major causes why men go in for second wives.

1. Fruits from the marriage example is children
2. Chronic diseases that makes the woman inactive In bed.
3. And denial of sex by the woman, sometimes request money or materials things before they submit to their husband in bed.

USTAZ ABDUL MUMIN Jaffar further stressed that the first 2 causes are from Allah but the 3rd is not.

Denial of sex by a woman, sometimes requesting money and other materials things before sex is strictly prohibited in ISLAM and whoever does that, is doing it at the risk of inviting her Rival to into the house.

He said, the man has the right to go into his wife anytime any day unless during menstruation or through the place forbidden (anus).

He also urged the men to be considerate when approaching their women for sex, for they may be in distress, or sick or possibly not in the mood.

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May Allah give us understanding



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