DAWAH TROTRO (Road trips to preach in villages and towns activated by the new Van) PRAISE BE TO ALLAH ALHAMDULILLAH

We say JAZAKALAAHU KHAIRAN for believing in the team since the beginning of the car campaign far back in 2017. Thanks to everyone for the patience and for being such a wonderful contributor to this great success of pushing JIHAAD forward in Ghana especially your support, advise and donations in acquiring this dawah Van for Islam. Special thanks to the believers who started it, and the zeal with passion of the those who ended this campaign. You have always been there be it times of joy or despair. To our best best donors who has been there every day by the side, we appreciate your efforts and much blessings to all MUSLIMS who always had the niyaat of helping this Course towards success, thank you for the love and support you have showered on us always. We cannot mention names of all the donors in the post, but we know ALLAH IS AWARE and indeed our REWARD IS WITH ALLAH INSHAA ALLAH.   we cannot forget those of us who dedicated time and efforts to share our fund raising posts on their walls, statuses and friends to get more for this fund, may Allah bless us all. We assure our cherished audience and followers that MAM ONLINE MEDIA NETWORK is dedicated in serving seekers of truth with true and authentic Message of Allah and spreading the good news (ISLAM) through villages, towns and the globe in Shaa Allah. The road trips to preach with this van is dubbed DAWAH TROTRO as heard in previous adds has already started and will the support of our able Shaikhs on the platform, date announcements of various villages to visited shall be published every now and then as we confirm inshaa Allah. ALLAH BE PRAISED KEEP SUPPORTING THIS JIHAAD IN KIND (SPONSORSHIPS & DONATIONS) TO HELP RAISE THE FLAG OF ISLAM HIGH INSHAA ALLAH

INTRODUCTION: Islamic Online Radio, TV & Website Propagating Islam 24hrs on the Internet with Variety of Contents  from different Muaalims and shaikhs in Akan, Hausa & English Language. MISSION: Presenting Islamic News media at the doorstep of people who seek for truth (Islam)  and believers worldwide all in a hub. VISSION: To established  a Multi Media House Broadcasting Islamic contents(Information, Education, Human & Social Interventions) on Radio & TV (Urban & Online), website and Print Media RESUME: MAM RADIO  started test transmission September, 2016 which was followed by Live Studio Programs On October 21 same year. It has since being making hallmarks in online dawah and also gained audience around the globe by giving out authentic Islamic education with prominence, objectivity and non distorted message of Allah. MAM Radio was later changed to MAM ONLINE MEDIA NETWORK August 2017. Now, registered and operational sector under MUSLIM ACCESS MOVEMENT (MAM) officially incorporated  to broadcast Islamic Information, Education, Human & Social Interventions, public dawah in villages and towns and other Islamic Live Coverage. We present high-quality Worldwide  news in a rich combination of text, Audio & Video; available on air via mobile App on google playstore (MAM Radio1), Youtube, Facebook,Twitter, Skype, Telegram, Instagram  and website at www.mamghonline.org SPONSORSHIP:

GOLD 60min /Program/Week LIVE Playstore, Whatsapp Twitter & Youtube 50.0
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OBJECTIVES AND ETHICS: Non denominational Islamic Media Propagating Words of Allah with NO strings or attachments to a personality, public figure, Shaikh, Imam or Mallam. We solely broadcast information and education according to the QURAN & SUNNAH. MORE DETAILS or to invite us to your village/town: CHAT OR CALL +233246751175 May Allah accept it from us all Ameen 🙏🏾 ASALAAMU ALAIKUM


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