The regular host of the book Review Show on MAM Online Radio and TV, Abdul Aziz Ishak joined the panelists for the first time on the 16th March 2019 episode of the interactive show where they discussed chapter 5 and 6 of the book “PATIENCE AND GRATITUDE” authored by the great scholar of Islam Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya.

Whilst Faisal Muhammed sat in as the host for the day, Abdul Aziz was asked to discuss “Chapter 5: The patience of noble people and patience of ignoble people”. In his 18 minute talk, Abdul Aziz greatly emphasized that patience is synonymous to wisdom and that “wise people resort to patience in times of adversity, whilst foolish people panic until they have no other option than to be patient”. He also mentioned that noble people practice patience in obeying Allah, whilst the ignoble people exercise patience in obeying the shaytan, their own whims and desires.

Watch the full talk here…


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