Dr. Ismail Ibrahim has cautioned Ghanaians especially children against excessive consumption of noodles since it does not contain any nutrients nor fibre.

Dr Ibrahim further revealed that children are suffering from a lot of health complications leading to deaths because of increased consumption of noodles which contain excessive amounts of gluten and sodium. “Noodles are made from flour and it does not contain essential nutrients and eating such foods frequently leads to a lot of health risks. It can increase blood sugar for people suffering from diabetes. We get children as young as 13 years suffering from hypertension and stroke. If we give our children noodles all the time the health risks associated with noodles cannot be avoided,” He told MAMPHEC’s head Husseina Ibrahim Adongo .

He explained that the complication of eating noodles and other processed foods are not instant “but when you make a habit of substituting it for good real food then it’s only a matter of time, you’ll get health problems which can lead to death”. He therefore encouraged parents to prepare proper balanced diet and nutritious meals at home for their kids instead of always giving them processed and canned foods.


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