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questions and answers

Asalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
Please can someone tell me the meaning of this name, Abdul manaf.
Thank you

Bismilaahir Rahmanir Rahim
Wasalaatu wasalaam alaa manlaa nabi a baada….👏🏻

1. Abdul means servant.
2. Manaf means elevated, top or highest.

During the time of ignorance, the Arab pagans used to name their children Abdul Manaf meaning servant of Manaf; where Manaf here means the highest idol.

NB: Manaf is not one of the attributes of Allah.

Scholars therefore don’t suggest this name for our children.

Allah knows best.. 🙏🏻

Subhaanakal Laahumma wabihamdika ash’ hadu anlaa ilaaha inlaa anta astagfiruka wa atuubu ilaika

Imam Faisal Tawbah Mohammed


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