Asalamu alakum
please Tell me as a Moslem, is it good to put gold on your teeth?



Generally in Islam wearing Gold for men is Haram bcs of the Hadith of the Holy prophet peace be upon that he saw one of his Companions wearing Gold ring and the prophet peace be upon him took it and threw it away saying Does a person pick up a piece of burning coal and hold it in his hand?
So a man who wears Gold ring is as though the fellow is wearing or holding a piece of burning cold. Means the fellow will be punished in the hereafter if he fail to repent and jettison it’s usage.

Another Hadith says tht the prophet peace be upon him took some silk in his right hand and some Gold in his left hand declaring: these two are Haraam for the males among my followers but (Halaal) tht is legal or permissible for the female.

The same prohibition which applies to the gold ring likewise applies to what we observe among conspicuous spenders that is the gold pen , gold watch; gold teeth ect.

As for women though Gold is Halaal or permissible for them yet they shouldn’t be spend thrips as to it’s usage. The Quran says ‘ And spend not wastefully in a manner of spendthrift.
I believe a woman who is really God Conscious will not wear a gold teeth, bcs it can serve as injury to the poor who can’t even afford a daily bread when he sees some one showing off his wealth to the extent of putting Gold teeth, and Islam forbids acts tht breaks the hearts of the poor i meant as a result of the showing off of the rich ones. I will conclude by saying although Gold is Halaal for women to use as part of thier adornments but i think they should not be too extravagant in tht . Islam encourages moderation in doing things.
Allah knows best.


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