We are few days away from 2019.
And we are grateful for the blessing on us.
God in his infinite mercy gave me an opportunity to further and from the little I have learnt from my Health care system and management has taught me that individuals and groupa all play a role in health care in our country. And for the 3 years #MAMPHEC has being in existence I have realized the part myself , my team, friends and family have played with regards to health care.

From the Blood donations,Screenings,Radio Health Talks, Community and school outreach, clean up exercise etc.
We have come a long way especially with your contributions in cash and kind.

MAMPHEC is embarking on an outreach to end 2019.

We need your support in prayers, in cash or in kind.

No amount is small.

*Give not because you have but because you know how it feels not to have*.
Share in the blessings family and friends, no amount is small.

The mobile money number is 0249122334 (Husseina Ibrahim).

You can call for any clarifications


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