There once lived a farmer who always gave arms to the needy and the poor.  In the tradition of Islam, after cultivating your crops you must perform the rights of “ zakat” which means “arms giving” in Islam.  Due to the arms he gave to the needy and the poor, Allah blessed him so much that no one had anything more than him.

The man died after a while and his children took over his possessions. After taking over from there, they decided NOT to continue with what their father was doing (zakat/ arms giving).  So these children sat down and planned on how they would go to the farm without any one seeing them neither someone following them to the farm.

They also planned on how to harvest the farm without anybody noticing them.  They sneaked and went out to the farm at dawn without anybody realizing them. As they sneaked and got to the farm, Allah had sent Angels to burn the farm up, the farm had burnt into ashes which they were not able to identify. They then realized at sunrise that it was their farm that had burnt into ashes. There was nothing left in the farm for them.

After realizing it was their farm, one among them said “I told you earlier on but you did not consider there was a God who made the rains to fall on the crops you planted for them to grow, you did not also consider that there was a God who allowed air to pass through the farm for the crops to grow”

“You did not also remember that it was the work of the Almighty God who made the crops in the farm to grow nicely and beautifully. And u also forgot that his same God who did all these marvellous and wonderful things is also capable of burning the beautiful farm into ashes without anybody’s consent. You did not seek his consent in what you were thinking of doing”.

Immediately after their brother was done with what he was saying, they all went down and said to the almighty Allah “our lord our god, we have regretted for our actions, we have cheated on our own selves”.

This is the story that is showing the stance of a person. These children refused to give out to the needy and the poor like their father use to for them to be able to excel in life but it went the other way round. This is something that happened in history but is still happening in our recent times. In many of our Zongo communities, there are many rich people whose children are going through a lot of hardships after their death. Because these children did not take into consideration what their father was doing, how he made his riches and so on but rather they considered the kind of success they wanted for themselves. Whatever we do should be done to seek for the favor of the almighty God.


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