Zina (either illicit fornication for those never-before-married, or adultery for those who have been married) is one of the vilest and gravest sins a Muslim can commit, after ascribing partners with ALLAH, murder, and disobedience to one’s parents. In the Qur’an, right after the prohibition of killing one’s children, ALLAH Most High says:
“And do not even go close to Zina! Truly, it is a gross obscenity and an evil path (to go down).” [al-Quran, 17:32]
This verse is not just about prohibiting the act of zina itself, rather, we are told not even to go near it through anything that may lead or invite to it. This is why the pre-marital contact of an unrelated man and woman for unnecessary reasons is not allowed in Islam, even if marriage is the eventual goal. This kind of relationship before marriage only invite curses of ALLAH upon us and damages our marriages and disappointments bcs the man can disappoint you or the woman disappointing you after years or month’s of communication wrongly. Lets follow the sunnah way. Only approach a lady if you are ready for marriage and only start communication if she is ready then involve the parents to plan for the marriage without involving into any form of disobedience to ALLAH else you may regret spending ur time together in the name of trying to know each other well as some says.

Please remember today is Friday as such we should strive to practice all the Sunnahs on this day, which are reciting, listening or studying suuratul kahf, cutting your nails, shaving everywhere, performing ghusul, wearing our Eid cloths, going to masjid early etc. May ALLAH keep guiding us all and accept our little efforts. Aameen


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