Imam Suleimaan Ahmed Mozu
Imam Suleimaan Ahmed Mozu

From Allah we came, And to Him we shall return.
Mother of Imam Suleimaan Ahmed Mozu has passed, she passed at the age of 96 after battling with short illness few days ago.

Madam Mary Afful, known in Islam as Mariam Affull after accepting Islam is a native of Ampain in the Ellembelle District of Western Region. She was born to Chief Afful Akrowey Yelebowe (I) of the Azawunle Royal Family at Ampain and Madam Manyi Abelehunu.

She was born in Ampain in December, 1930 to a staunch Christian family of the Catholic Faith.
In 1998, having realized the good teachings of Islam, after her son Sheikh Suleyman Ahmed Mozu’s revertion to Islam, she consciously accepted the Islamic faith and became a Muslim.
She migrated from Azulenloanu to Kamgbunli to live with the Kamgbunli Muslim community and practice Islam.
In spite of her old age, she was able to practice Islam as expected to please her Creator.

On Friday, 10th September, 2021, she was called to her Creator. She died at age 91. The burial took place at Kamgbunli and was attended by a large number of Muslims from across the Country. The burial was led by Dr Mohammed Bashir Adam, a lecturer at the University of Ghana and also the ” Mufti ” of Ahlussunna Wal Jama’a- Ghana.
May Allah overlook her sins, have mercy on her and all departed Muslims and admit them into paradise.

Tap below to watch full interview of her son Imam Suleymaan Mohammed Mozu


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