AlhamdulilLah for granting us this blessed day. May ALLAH grant us the Blessings within the day and send our Salutations to our beloved Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Aameen. Allaahummah Salli Alaa Muhammad, wa Alaa aali Muhammad, Wasallim. Aameen.
Our reminder on this blessed day is to remind each of us what our scholars have said in regards to difficulties we face on earth such as illnesses or some painful inflictions from ALLAH. Most times we disobey ALLAH openly or knowing it is wrong but does it anyway without fear of ALLAH’S punishment such as Zina (Fornication), stealing, delaying our salaat, disobedience to parents, religious innovations etc. Sometimes as a blessings to our souls, ALLAH may inflict us with some difficulties that will aid us to remember HIM and return to HIM seeking HIS MERCY.
That’s why our Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah said in one of his lectures that, the trials, pains, difficulties etc that makes us return to ALLAH is better than success that distance us from the obedience of ALLAH. Mostly when we go through difficulties in life we start to take our salaat seriously, recite azkaar etc seeking help and forgiveness from ALLAH.
But Because ALLAH is a justice CREATOR, HE may punish us in return to forgive our sins we committed openly or intentionally even when we seek sincere forgiveness. HE may forgive us for sins we commit unintentionally without any punishment in dunya so let’s be careful about the sins we commit.
The proof for this is what the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam said concerning the fact that no difficulties fall on any believer except that ALLAH wipes away his or her sins if we remain patient and accept it as either a test from ALLAH or as expiation for our sins.
But whenever you fall into any illness or trial then you must turn to ALLAH alone as your doctor through dua without falling into more trouble visiting fortune tellers or pastors for spiritual help.
Please remember today is Friday as such we should strive to perform all the sunnahs of today.
May ALLAH keep guiding us all and protect us from disobeying HIM. Aameen.


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