As Muslims, we must strive to work hard seeking ALLAH’S blessings in our income regardless of how little we earn. Earning very little is far better than earning more the haraam way. We must avoid investing our wealth into any haraam means such as buying shares with the interest base banks or companies who deals in haraam goods and services.

Let’s strive to invest our money the halaal way. You can find an established business who deals in halaal items so that you can agree to share the profit base on ratio of contribution.

You can find brothers and sisters who has handiwork to invest and expand their business with agreement to share profits especially with fellow Muslims. There are genuine people out there who need help to expand their business the halaal way, find them, invest your money with them and ALLAH will bless such investment. When investing with anyone even if the Imam of Macca, please write down contract terms and find local imam or trusted learned Islamic teacher to witness your terms before giving out your money to ANYONE as investment. That’s the command of our LORD.

I don’t personally have any such business investment to seek help for expansion so if you get a call or message claiming it’s me asking for help etc please ignore and report such callers. It’s a scam and some are victims already so never believe anyone on phone call unless you know the person’s voice well and knows his or her number etc and ensure you meet such person in his or her shop or home before even pursuing further for business talk. May ALLAH protect us from any such scams.

Please Don’t go for haraam loans (loans with interest). Remember one day we will die and leave everything behind and go back to ALLAH for accountability for our haraam livings. Don’t risk your life due to difficulties. Live a simple life and die as a poor person than dying as a luxury sinner or thief.

May ALLAH keep guiding us all and protect us from any satanic influences.



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