A Muslim father, Mr. Ismail Zakarra Alhassan got a complaint from his daughter at Wesley Girls’ High School to the effect that the school does not allow her to fast. As a result, on 26’h April202L he drove from Accra to Cape Coast to withdraw his ward from the school.

The incident led to condemnation from the general public culminating in a directive contained in a press release dated 1st May 2021 from the Ghana Education Service (GES) to the school authorities to allow the Muslim students to fast.

The GES directive was followed by a reaction liom the Methodist Church Ghana in a press release dated 4th May 2021 in which the leadership of the Methodist Church stated that the Methodist Church took “strong exception to the directive given” in the GES press release. Several organisations and individuals waded into the matter by reason of which the National Peace Council eventually stepped in to find an amicable resolution to the issue.

From the discussions that followed, it emerged that the issue at Wesley Girls’ High School was not merely about preventing Muslim students at the school from fasting, but as a matter of fact, the constitutionally guaranteed religious rights of Muslim students are entirely curtailed in the school. The Muslim students at the school are not allowed to: prepare for and perform their five (5) mandatory daily prayers, hold leadership roles in the school including but not limited to prefect ship, have their religious scripture (the Holy Qur’an) with them in the school, exercise their constitutional right to associate with other Muslim students in the school, and take Islamically appropriate.

below is the petition to the National Peace Counsel.

The petition to National Peace Counsel against violation of rights of Muslim students at Wesley Girls


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