Sex is an activity designed by Allah for married partners. And sex has many spiritual, health and personal benefits. From the Islamic view point, sex is only for the married, and it becomes sinful for the unmarried. Here is why having sex regularly is good for us:

Sex is ibadah
When a muslim have sexual intercourse with his or her partner, they are engaging in a special form of ibadah. And we get reward every time we engage in sexual activities.

Sex is sadaqa.
It comes in many ahadith that sex with your partner is a form of sadaqa, one is rewarded just as someone who spends on charity. So from now, when your spouse invite you for sex, do not waste time.

Sex relieve stress
Scientists have proven that having sex can help you reduce stress. When you ejaculate, it takes out all the stress in your brain and other body part. Perhaps the study shows that you need to maintain at least 5 to 10 mins in the activity.

Sex easies depression
A study on people having depression shows that their depression declained after having sexual relationship especially when a lot of positions were tried and changed time after time.

Sex helps burn calories
A study shows that an average 5 mins sex activity can help burn 220 calories. So if you want to burn some calories without practically doing exercise, you can have a 5 to 10 mins sex. This helps people with heart problem to do some cardio.

Sex rekindles love in partners
Some of the best ways to reduce marital crisis and problems in marriage is having regular sex. However, by sex, I dont mean 2 mins sex without love. Sex is different from love making. As muslims, we are encouraged to make love while having sex. It is via love making that both partners get motivated.

Sex can be a form of Jihad
When you are tired and you cannot satisfy your partner, but then you struggle for the sake of Allah and do it anyway in order to please your party.

NB: having sex before NIKKAH will practically earn you “oríburúkú ìyá” I mean bastard suffering. Beware.

So go get married sisters! The Sunnah : The Better

May Allaah accept it from you and us. Aameen


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