MAM ONLINE Studio 2918
MAM ONLINE Studio 2918

Due to team Mam Online Media Network’s inability to renew the Increased Rent Advance Payment for the 2022 and beyond, we sadly inform all our cherish followers and audience around the world that we will have to shut down the studio in January 2022 to avoid further embarrassments by the Landlord.

We Thank Allah for how far He has brought us in spreading Islam through corners on the internet.

Specials Thanks to our die Hard Audience who have donated in support of this Rent Issues
via our momo line +233246751175 (@MAM Online) keep it up till we meet our target of Ghc 5,000.0 per a year or beyond… Inshaa Allah.

and many thanks to our sponsors for their efforts.

May Allah give us different purpose to serve Him and do more Jihaad
Inshaa Allah


Team MAM Online


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