The dawah Keteke team was scheduled to leave Kumasi on the 11thof February,2022, Friday, at exactly 2pm but due to an unfortunate circumstance that happened with regards to our Da’awa Van, the team delayed in Kumasi.

The train left Kumasi at around 7pm with five (5) members on board. Meanwhile Imam Gibrillah Abdul Hamid was already at Enwirem, he reached there before Jumu’ah prayers, waiting for the train to arrive to start his preaching as a first speaker but things turned around differently.

The train arrived at Kotokuom – Enwirem at around 10:30pm with a marvelous welcome by the community. Programs couldn’t start because of our late arrival and team was very exhausted too.

On the second day, Saturday, 12th February,2022, the team prayed Fajr and Imam Gibrillah Abdul Hamid was introduced by the Organizer, Muhammad Awwal Iddriss, to the community to commence the Da’awa (After Fajr Da’awa) for about an hour on the topic; Islam in perspective.

After taking breakfast, the organizer, Muhammad Awwal took some of the women to Nkawie market to buy foodstuffs for the entire trip. Two daees (Preachers) namely Sha’ban Mukhtar and Osman Abdul Fatah, joined the train at Enwirem at around 3pm.

At around 4pm, the grounds were prepared for the program. At around 5pm, our able deputy admin of Mam and Head of mam online – Mr Yuunux Muhammad, joined the train, got all necessary things done.

After praying Isha, the program commenced with an opening prayer from Muhammad Awwal, Qur’anic recitation from Osman Abdul Fatah, introduction of MAM Da’awa keteke was done by the Lead organizer, Mas-hudNashiru and the first speaker (Sha’aban Muktar) took the podium to speak on the topic; The mission of Jesus Christ for an hour.

Osman Abdul Fatah took it from there and spoke on the topic; Resurrection.

Muhammad Awwal Iddriss, the third and the last speaker of the day took the podium for about 30 minutes to speak on the topic; The dangers of disunity among Muslims then followed it up with the question-and-answer session. The program closed on the second day at around 10:40pm.

On the third day, the last day for that matter, Sunday, 13th February,2022, Osman Abdul Fatah did the “After-Fajr-Da’awa”.

Immediately after that, the team had a meeting to discuss important issues concerning MAM and some characteristics of a Daee (the caller to islam) which ended at around 8:40am. Breakfast was taken and members rested for some time. Thetwo daees (Preachers) namely Sha’ban Mukhtar and Osman Abdul Fatah who joined on Saturday left the village at around 9:30am to attend to somethings of equally importance.Two (2) daees (preachers), Ismail Islam Mubarak and Yussif Abdul Mumin joined the train at around 11am.

The stage was prepared and the program started immediately after Asr salat. First speaker for the day was Yussif Abdul Mumin on the topic; dressing, for an hour. Second speaker,

Ismail Islam Mubarak took the podium to speak on the topic; History in Perspective.

Maghrib and Isha prayers were performed and the third and the final speaker for the day, Muhammad Awwal Iddriss mounted the stage, helped Yuunux Muhammad to do the presentation of items to the Muslim community.

then commenced with the preaching of Muhammad Awwal Iddriss on the topic; Islam and salvation followed by the question-and-answer session. The final day Da’awa ended at around 9:20pm.

All was set for the team (7 in number) to leave the village back to Kumasi but since the will of Allah is superior to that of man, the Da’awa van broke down in the bush and all efforts to fix the fault proved futile. The team had to leave the van and walk for about 5 miles back to the village (Enwirem) to spend the night.

At around 10am the next day, Monday, 14th February, 2022, the team walked back to the van to meet the mechanic at the breakdown scene to fix the fault and the van took off at around 12:30pm back to Kumasi. Four (4) of the team members were dropped off at Atwima Boko and the remaining three (3) headed back to the studio to offload the machines.

Zuhr and Asr prayers were said and the team members departed to their various destinations.

In all we give thanks to Allah for a successful trip. May Allah purify our intentions and accept it from you and us.

Peace, Mercy and blessings of Allah be upon us all.

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