It was on eid day 3years ago when a muslim gentleman by name Nana was helping us tie up our cow to the abattoire for slaughter. I took my phone to record how the men will tie up the cow, and eventually the unfortunate incident happened as the cow used its leg to knock Nana down from the tricycle.
I shouted ” subhaanallah sannu – Nana kafra” with my daughter saying ”aboa ne ho y3den o” meaning (the animal is strong). Days later i used the video as my status and people starting requesting it. Before I knew the video was everywhere.
Nana does not talk to me again because his non muslim family were not happy about how the trolls were reeling.
I have sent three separate delegation to apologise to him but all proved frutal until the media found us here.
I’m happy he has at last forgiven me and sitting beside me for this interview.
Im also happy I used Islamic proclamations during that incident which reveals traces of a good Muslimah.

watch the full interview here.


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