The out spoken comparative religious preacher and thought provoking social commentator of MAM TV Online, Osofo Ahmed Kyei was hospitalized in Tarkwa in the Western Region whilst he was on a two nights dawah trip.

According to confirmed sources reaching Mam Tv Online, Osofo Ahmed Kyei fainted shortly after a successful outdoor evangelism event while showing no signs of ill health. The Muslims closer to him in his lodge, stated that they quickly arranged for him to be transported to the nearby health center upon noticing he was having difficulty speaking as well as urinating.

Osofo Ahmed Kyei, who has been an outspoken comparative Religious Speaker for the past 35 years, is known for his tireless dedication to dawah and the Muslim community.
Following the outbreak of the incident, Mam Tv online has learnt that Osofo Ahmed Kyei is currently in Kumasi and he is positively responding to treatment Alhamdulillah.

When the team of mam online had the chance to speak to Osofo, he said: ” Brother Yuunux, Death has given me a missed call”

Curious scores of the public and sympathizers, mainly followers have been calling his phone to wish him well and some are trooping to his home at Breman to ascertain the validity of the shocking news.
The family has asked for privacy as they focus on his care encouraging the public to continue offering prayers for his recovery.

“We are praying for his quick recovery,”

May Allah heal all the sick Muslims in the world


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