Broken Legs of Dauda Mohammed

Dauda Mohammed a father of two was knocked down by a vehicle operated by a Methodist Pastor (Wioso branch) at Baniekrom on Tepa Road.
The said Methodist Pastor vehemently denied at the initial stage although it was evidently glaring that he caused such unfortunate damage. He later accepted after volunteers discovered the hideout of his blue vehicle used for the act. The Pastor knocked the victim at the opposite side of the road which has left all wondering whether it was intentional or not.

Mr Dauda (victim) is currently on admission at Tepa Hospital and has sustained extreme degrees of injuries; both legs have been broken into pieces, the right hand has also been broken beyond imagination as well as the waist leaving the left hand and head being virtually the only functional parts.
We want to use this platform to entreat all brothers and sisters to help save an innocent brother who is on the verge of.. (ONLY ALLAH KNOWS).
We also want to use this platform to reach out to the church of METHODIST to investigate this case thoroughly and do the NEEDFUL.
You can send your contributions to number: 0246 75 11 75

Kindly use his name (dauda) as a reference number for proper record-keeping.
Contact: Nuamah Alhaji Musah Jnr (0248015440) or Mohammed Saani (0241527449) for more details.

May Allah HEAL all sick muslims around the globe..Ameen


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