Mansurat Seidu, Founder and CEO of Modest Fashion-Line by Surat says 2.5 percent of her profits shall always be donated to orphans to support and uplift their livelihood inshaa Allah.

Miss Mansuarat donated a bag of female clothes to Salaam Ul Muslimiyn Foundation Gh over the weekend to distributed to the needy, orphans and aged under the care of the Foundation.

She urged all muslims to trade with her and that whatever she gets will be directed donated to the needy inshaa Allah

call Modest Fashion-Line and Order your purely Islamic Clothes on 0544 898 300

You can call Salaam Ul Muslimiyn Foundation and make your donations to the needy on 0550 933 111 0r 0246 75 11 75.

May Allah accept it from us all


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