Mr Isaac Ofori Boamah (58years) went blind in his 30’s and has since been living with his older sister (63years). Few Months ago, he noticed his right foot swollen and discomfort in walking which later burst into a big soar on the foot. He was taken the hospital and upon further checks and diagnoses, the doctors said he has cancer on his and needs immediate treatment.

Lucy Ofori Boamah, sister of Mr Isaac Ofori Boamah sells Gari and sugar in the village and simply cannot afford the cost of treatment for his brother which costs GHS21,000.0. Together they plead with all believers worldwide to kindly help them with donations to save Mr Isaac Ofori Boamah’s life.

send the little you can via MOMO on
0243 466 631 (Ibrahim Umar Mohammed)
0246 75 11 75 (MAM Online)

For more details and updates please reach Ibrahim Umar Mohammed

May Allah accept all our kind gestures


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