The first Islamic school for the blind, located at Oyibi in Accra, has progressed to its sixth phase of construction since August 2021. This phase includes plastering and fixing of window frames, among other things.

However, funding for the school which will provide quality education for visually impaired children in Muslim communities is being challenged.

Alifa Sallah, Chief Executive Officer of Ali Amir Foundation, who is spearheading the construction, estimates that the project will need at least $30,000 to complete the final stage.
According to Mr. Sallah, estimates on the construction of dormitories and mosques are made to guide in seeking public financial support.

The Islamic School for the Blind, is expected to be completed this year, to facilitate the education of hundreds of Muslim children in the country who are visually impaired.

Mr Sallah said that it is unfortunate the visually impaired children are left to their fate when they can become prominent people in the country.

The school will also offer an opportunity for those who can neither read nor write to learn a vocation.

“We don’t want to see them on the streets begging,” Mr Suallah Said.

The construction process begun with an initial capital of $10,000. The project will cost about 1.3 million cedis.

Work on another project for the school at Kumi around Barekese in the Ashanti Region is underway.

Non-Muslims have also contributed to the establishment of the school, therefore it will be opened to all faiths to complement the government’s effort to make education accessible for all.

Once completed, the school will be handed over to the government.


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