After 15 Years of directing and managing his social media accounts for a useful learning experience, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi calls quit. He made this announcement earlier today on his social media accounts.

Qadhi was born in HoustonTexas to Pakistani parents. His father, a doctor by profession, founded the first mosque in the area, while his mother is a microbiologist, both from Karachi in Pakistan and whose ancestral homeland is Uttar Pradesh in India. When he was five, the family moved to JeddahSaudi Arabia, where he attended local schools.
By 15 he had memorized the Qur’an and graduated from high school two years early as class valedictorian. He returned to the United States, where he earned a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Houston.

After a short stint working in engineering at Dow Chemical, in 1996 Qadhi enrolled at the Islamic University of Medinah in Medina, Saudi Arabia. There, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Arabic from the university’s College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences and a master’s degree in Islamic Theology from its College of Dawah.
 Qadhi returned to the United States after working and studying for nine years in Saudi Arabia.
 He completed a doctorate in theology at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Qadhi taught in the Religious Studies Department of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee. He previously was the Dean of Academic Affairs and an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute. This is a seminar-based Islamic education institution founded in 2001. The instructors travel to teach Islamic studies in English. He moved to the Dallas metropolitan area in early 2019, becoming the resident scholar of the East Plano Islamic Center. He is currently the Dean of Academic Affairs at The Islamic Seminary of America.

Qadhi notes that some of the practices he endorses are similar to those practiced by conservative Christian groups and Orthodox Jews in the United States. For instance, he says that each group observes dietary laws (which sometimes cover acceptable drinks), stresses family values, and requires modest dress for women


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