Mohammed-Muntaka Mubarak, an Astute muslim and the Member of Parliament of Asawase appears to have broken ranks with the National Democratic Congress over the 10% withholding tax on sports betting.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM, Mubarak Muntaka said, “Betting is haram and taxing is a way to develop the country. Anyone who earns income from working deserves to pay tax, so the question is don’t they get profit from betting?”

He added, “If it was their capital that is being taxed that will be the problem but it is rather the earnings that are being taxed. I get taxed for the income I earn from working, so why don’t they want to pay tax?”

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) announced that persons who engage in sports betting and lottery would have to pay a 10% tax on all earnings starting on August 15.

The policy by government has raised many eyebrows from the youth in Ghana who are heavily involved in sports betting.

What are your thoughts on his decision?
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